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Topps' first issue to include baseball players in the 1948 Magic Photos issue. By 1951 Topps issued baseball players on cards that were meant to be used as a sort of card game. They were called Red Back and Blue Back because of their design. In 1952 the modern baseball card was born with the Topps regular issue baseball card set.

Fleer actually entered the baseball card market in 1923 with a very obscure issue. By 1959 they again began producing cards. They even printed baseball items into the mid-1970's. But it was 1981 that Fleer made a strong comeback into the baseball card market.

Donruss began producing baseball cards in 1981 with it's premier 600-card set. Based out of Memphis, Tenn., Donruss has become one of the hobby's biggest producer of cards.
There are far too many other card manufacturers to list. But this is where you will find some of the industry's most famous issues.

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